Posted by: will | October 30, 2007

Band You Should Know – The Playing Favorites

The new band from Joey Cape (Lagwagon, Bad Astronaut) has finally taken shape. The Playing Favorites will release their debut album, I Remember When I Was Pretty in December via Suburban Home. Why isn’t this label sending me promos yet? Anyway, if these first two songs are any indication, this album will be making my year end list. Crunchy, melodic pop music that reminds me of The Jealous Sound (whatever happened to that band?).


From the Suburban Home website:

The album will be in stores on December 4th, but CHECK this out, if you pre-order the album in either CD or Vinyl format, we will send you the ENTIRE digital album as DRM-free mp3s on November 20th.

There are 3 colors of vinyl available (Pink/Blue color within a color, Pink/Blue half and half, and a blue w/ white speckles). All are going to look amazing. We are offering 25 sets of all 3 colors where the band will be signing copies of one of the records. Pretty sweet!

I am going for the blue with white speckles I think. Check out the songs below.

Leavingtown (mp3)

Indigenous (mp3)

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  1. thanks for spreading the word about the Playing Favorites. And my not sending you promos isn’t because I don’t dig the site, but because we are slackers. I will get you a copy of this when we get our promos in, but if you did preorder the album, you might get the digital sooner than the cd.

  2. one more thing, I love the Jealous Sound! I heard they were working on a new record, but I don’t know what they are up to.

  3. Virgil, I will be pre-ordering the vinyl…can’t wait to hear the whole thing. But, you are more than welcome to send promos in the future.

    The last I heard about The Jealous Sound was that they were working on a new album for The Militia Group…but that was over a year ago…nothing since then. They are still listed on the label’s website though.

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