Posted by: will | October 29, 2007

Vinyl Killed The CD

Good article from Wired…Vinyl May Be Final Nail In CD’s Coffin.

Downloading knocked CDs down hard…vinyl’s steady resurgence might be the final blow.

I am curious how people get their music here. I download a good bit but still purchase vinyl when available and CDs when I have to. The vinyl purchase w/digital download should be the wave of the future in my opinion.

Oh, and am I the only one that still does not have an iPod? Probably so.

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  1. if “ipod” is slang for healthy sex life, then yes. you are the last.

  2. I recently have been purchasing a lot of vinyl. I love the vinyl/digital download combo. I am 95% more likely to buy an LP if I know that I can download it (legally) from the band or label.

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