Posted by: will | October 29, 2007

Music Review – Jukebox The Ghost


Jukebox The Ghost “Jukebox The Ghost” (Family/This Side Up)


What if Ben Folds fronted Queen but they were from DC? Wow, I think I just blew my own mind with that one. You get the feeling that Queen has been a staple for these boys for a long time. The histrionics never go too far overboard though. Jukebox The Ghost balance their over-the-top nature with an enticing (piano) pop sensibility hence the Ben Folds comparisons. Add in a sprinkling of DC ala The Dismemberment Plan or Q And Not U and you have an incredibly unique and inviting sound in the making. The band’s songcraft is impressive and ambitious. These five songs show a remarkable dexterity as they bounce back and forth with changing tempos and dynamics. JTG also reminds me of the criminally underrated Troubled Hubble in the way they guide their songs with an endearing humor and hopefulness. I beg of you to go see these guys live if you get the chance. This excellent recorded material is ten times better when experienced in person. I promise you the band will put a big smile on your face. Jukebox The Ghost prove there still is much joy to be found in pop music.

Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock

RIYL: The Dismemberment Plan, Ben Folds, Troubled Hubble

Hold It In (mp3) (for a good laugh)

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