Posted by: will | October 27, 2007

College Football Saturday (Week 9)

I think I jinxed my Gamecocks with my first College Football post last week. They played by far the worst game since 2004 probably. It is a cold realization when you wake up on Sunday morning and realize you just lost to VANDY…unbelievable. The pic below was the best part of the day at Williams-Brice stadium last Saturday.

Oh, and my upset special (Mississippi State at West Virginia) sucked! I lost some money on that one.

So, last Saturday was not a good day at all. Hopefully today will be better.

Here is the new and improved College Football Saturday!

#1 Ohio State at #25 Penn State – Everybody seems to think Penn State will upset Ohio State…not me.

#21 California at #4 Arizona State – Arizona State has played nobody. Cal ends their two game slide.

#12 Southern Cal at #5 Oregon – Southern Cal continues to look unimpressive. I think the Ducks take this one.

#7 West Virginia at Rutgers – West Virginia will run run run all over the Rutgers who blew their wad beating South Florida last week.

#9 Kansas at Texas A&M (upset special #1) – I hope Kansas wins but this has disaster written all over it for the unbeaten Jayhawks.

#10 South Florida at #23 Connecticut – UCONN stole (literally) a game from Louisville last week. Karma is a bitch and South Florida rolls.

#11 Florida at #18 Georgia – UGA simply can not keep up with UF’s offense in this one.

Mississippi State at #14 Kentucky – Kentucky can get up for the big ones, but can they get up for the ones they are supposed to win? I think so.

#15 Virginia at NC State (upset special #2) – UVA has skated on thin ice for too long. NC State is bad but I just have a feeling about this one.

#16 South Carolina at Tennessee – I hope I am wrong on this one but I just don’t see USC’s offense being able to score enough to win this one. If anybody can find a way though, it is Steve Spurrier.

Nebraska at #19 Texas – Nebraska is pitiful on defense. Callahan is a dead man walking. Texas will continue the Cornhusker misery.

Ole Miss at #22 Auburn – Auburn may have three losses but they are still a top tier team in the SEC. Ole Miss is not.

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