Posted by: will | October 26, 2007

Music Review – Motion Turns It On

Motion Turns It On “Rima EP” (Self-Released)


In reading the bio/press for Motion Turns It On as I always do before writing a review (how professional of me), it was stunning to see the amount of descriptions for the band. Progressive, instrumental, post-rock, math rock, psychedelic, ambient, spacey, dreamy, etc. The band’s sound had already lost me before even listening to one note. Rima quickly brought me back though and as I listened I understood the descriptions. Motion Turns It On actually do occupy a wealth of space in all those aforementioned territories. It is actually quite amazing the depth and diversity of MTIO’s sound. The band can lull you into complacency with beautiful sections before heading off into a math rock frenzy to make sure you are paying attention. MTIO’s schizophrenic nature makes it difficult for comparisons though. The band is not as hectic as By The End Of Tonight but not quite as epic as Explosions In The Sky. For obscure comparisons, MTIO remind me mostly of the eclectic, keyboard-laced instrumentals of the underrated Crime In Choir. Call it Tortoise on speed if you will. Technically an EP, Rima clocks in at 6 songs and a healthy 38 minutes. That is plenty of time for MTIO to show off their incredible chops in whatever genre they choose at the time. Fans of instrumental juggernauts take note. Motion Turns It On can rock you in any number of ways.

Genre: Instrumental/Prog/Rock

RIYL: Maserati, Tortoise, Crime In Choir

Satelightning (mp3)

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  1. Good review, SAL. Watch out for MTIO to be Amplifier’s Amplified feature band soon as well. Putting them in league with bands like the National and Maritime.

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