Posted by: will | October 25, 2007

Music Review – Future Of The Left

Future Of The Left “Curses” (Too Pure)


I was fairly bummed when McLusky bit the dust a few years back. The band never seemed to get the attention they so deserved. So, I was excited to see 2/3 of McLusky finally make their way back with a new band, Future Of The Left. McLusky guitarist/vocalist Andy Falkous and drummer Jack Egglestone join up with former Jarcrew singer, Kelson Mathias, who plays bass on Curses. Fans of McLusky should find a lot to love here on Future Of The Left’s debut. Both bands kick out the same kind of ragged indie punk rock with FOTL adding keyboards to the equation. The sassy, snotty vocals of Falkous are immediately reminiscent. Like McLusky, FOTL pack a great deal of melody into their rough exterior. While Future Of The Left might not immediately live up to McLusky, the promise for the band is certainly immense. Let’s hope Curses is just the beginning.

Genre: Punk/Indie/Rock

RIYL: McLusky, The Pixies, Wire

Suddenly It’s A Folk Song (mp3)

adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood (video)

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