Posted by: will | October 24, 2007

Music Review – Nico Vega


Nico Vega “No Child Left Behind EP” (Myspace)


Nico Vega are an amazing rock band from Los Angeles that I recently had the pleasure of discovering. On the surface the band might be easy to dismiss at first. I mean, afterall, a female lead singer fronting a rock band is certainly nothing new. However, Nico Vega are no ordinary band. After a few listens, Nico Vega make that abundantly clear on No Child Left Behind.

Lead singer Aja Volkman is as powerful and commanding as a front person (man or woman) can legally be. With their brand of rock, Nico Vega is most similar in style to bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Noisettes. However, Volkman’s vocals take their own unique path. If you take Bjork‘s most passionate singing, that is what Volkman approaches at times. However, her band refuses to be overshadowed on No Child Left Behind. Guitarist Rich Koehler and drummer Dan Epand create a solid and creative backbone to Volkman’s sultry vocals. No Child Left Behind is a diverse and immense offering from a band that simply breeds excitement.

It is not necessarily how this message is delivered although in Nico Vega’s case it certainly helps. There is more to these songs than words or instruments can convey. There is a common theme of love and respect for your common man. There is a “fuck you” to the current state of alternative or modern music. Nico Vega is bigger than its three members. Nico Vega’s songs eventually overpower your senses and break down any barriers that may have been unnecessarily put up. There is a passion and intensity in the band’s songs that simply can not be faked. Nico Vega have a purpose with their words and music. The band is indeed on a mission and frankly I do not see anything that can stand in their way.

Genres: Indie/Rock

RIYL: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The White Stripes, The Noisettes

Wooden Dolls (mp3)

Medicine Man Acoustic (video)

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