Posted by: will | October 23, 2007

Music Review – Static Radio NJ

Static Radio NJ “One For The Good Guys” (Black Numbers/Chunksaah)


Seven songs in less than 10 minutes. One For The Good Guys is the debut from New Brunswick, NJ’s Static Radio NJ. This is hardcore infused with tons of melody. The band brings to mind the flawless mixture of pop and hardcore that the great Kid Dynamite was so successful in melding together. Static Radio NJ writes hooks but they balance it with a fistful of explosive aggression. These songs simply beg for more listens. One For The Good Guys was produced by Stephen Egerton of The Descendents and the recording showcases the band’s impressive energy. Static Radio NJ have put forth a winner with One For The Good Guys. Now, where is that repeat button?

Genre: Punk/Pop/Hardcore

RIYL: Kid Dynamite, The Bouncing Souls, Paint It Black

One For The Good Guys (mp3)

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