Posted by: will | October 21, 2007

Music Review – Robbers On High Street

Robbers On High Street “Grand Animals” (Scratchie/New Line)


Robbers On High Street’s new album, Grand Animals, sees the band finally finding their own voice. Past efforts were solid but plagued by a certain lack of originality. Simply put, the band sounded far too much like another popular indie rock band, Spoon. Here the band seems to be growing right before your eyes. They balance their bouncy rock numbers with more expansive tunes like beautiful piano-laced songs like “The Ramp” and “The Phantom Walks The Hall.” The diversity of Grand Animals gives it a longer staying power than its predecessors. The band certainly has room for growth though as they still tend to fall into well worn patterns. However, it is apparent for the first time that Robbers On High Street are ready and willing for that growth to occur.

Genre: Indie/Rock

RIYL: Spoon, Cold War Kids, French Kicks

Crown Victoria (mp3)

The Fatalist (mp3)

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  1. i just got this record and have really enjoyed it. they’re playing LA soon and I’d definitely check it out……… BOSTON RED SEX GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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