Posted by: will | October 18, 2007

Music Review – Kidcrash


Kidcrash “Jokes” (Init/Denovali)


The Kidcrash put out a fabulous debut in 2004 called New Ruins. It was a pleasant mixture of mathy emo with clean vocals. The album showed a great deal of promise for the young band. However, a funny thing happened after the band moved from their native New Mexico to the fertile grounds of Portland, Oregon. The band underwent a severe change in sound.

As much as the band might want to shy away from what New Ruins offered, there remains some of those same noticeable influences on Jokes. The instrumental prowess has certainly continued to flourish and in fact dominates Kidcrash’s later releases. The clean vocals have been offset by impassioned screams and there is an incredible aggression in the band’s music now that was missing before. The way the band’s songs travel such a winding scenic road reminds me of the fantastic Pyramids album Following The Tracks, Forcing Motion Through Phases. Both bands have an epic quality to their music that is so engrossing.

There will be debate among many of which sound best suits Kidcrash. It is virtually impossible to hold New Ruins and Jokes side by side and make a fair comparison. What can be agreed upon is the amazing strength of both releases. The two albums showcase the talent and ambition of Kidcrash. The past is the past though. Jokes is where Kidcrash presently reside. Who knows what lies ahead for the band. I do know I will be following along and I am sure it will continue to be an impressive journey.

RIYL: Pyramids, Daitro, Off Minor


Kidcrash – Hypothetical Basking Shark (mp3)

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