Posted by: will | October 17, 2007

Music Review – Tegan And Sara


Tegan And Sara “The Con” (Vapor/Sire)


Tegan And Sara has always been one of those guilty pleasures for me. The duo’s fourth album, The Con, has changed everything though. I am done sneaking listens to Tegan And Sara when no one else is around. These two sisters simply do not deserve to be classified as a guilty pleasure any longer. The ladies continue to write amazingly catchy and intelligent pop songs and The Con might just be the their best album yet.

Showing off a more refined and restrained songwriting approach, The Con‘s songs have a remarkable way of slowly burrowing their way into your subconscious. Many of these songs beg for patience where much of the duo’s past material was instantly gratifying. Much of the credit goes to Death Cab For Cutie guitarist Chris Walla who continues to build an impressive producer resume. With instrumental help from Death Cab drummer Jason McGerr, former Weezer bassist Matt Sharp and guitarist extraordinaire Kaki King, The Con sounds extremely confident and mature. Sara’s songs remain the more intricate and complex while Tegan’s songs continue to be ripe with immediate melodies. It is a beautiful balance that the sisters have continued to perfect. The Con sees Tegan And Sara stretching into different directions and experimenting with extremely positive results. It is a promising step for the duo as they seem anything but content with their past work. Despite it’s sometimes experimental nature, The Con‘s fourteen songs remain tight and concise.

So, call me what you will. I refuse to stay in exhile any longer. I have come out of the closet to embrace my love of these two talented ladies. Tegan And Sara write pop songs and they continue to do it better than most. The Con is certainly proof of that.

RIYL: The Pretenders, Blondie, The New Pornographers


Tegan And Sara – The Con (mp3)

Tegan And Sara – Back In Your Head (video)

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