Posted by: will | October 17, 2007


Things have been a little slack here at SAL HQ lately. I apologize for that. I have been contemplating the future of the site for the last couple of months now. Coming up on SAL’s 2 year anniversary, I realize that I simply do not have the time or energy to do the site as I once did. But, I want SAL to continue. So, what does this mean? Not really sure, but I do know that starting next week, posts/reviews will practice the fine art of brevity from now on. Music has piled up and the mail keeps bringing more and more. So, with these changes, I actually hope to be able to give coverage to a lot more bands/artists. I imagine I will still write some longer music reviews for the albums that really hit me. But, overall, it will be shorter posts/reviews about all the music SAL is digging on. I hope that does not run any readers away. I am actually hoping it has the opposite effect. I am excited about the possibility of being able to cover more deserving music. Also, posts will be a bit more varied hopefully. Sports, politics, art, personal posts, etc. will probably start to see more light on SAL. So, we shall see how it all goes. As always, any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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  1. suggestion: you should send me $100 via pay pal.

  2. The changes sound good. What about provocative photos of you?

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