Posted by: will | October 16, 2007

October 16th Releases

Not a ton of releases this week but there is a lot of compelling stuff. Top recommendations are in bold.

  • Efterklang “Parades” (Leaf) – This Denmark band has always been on my radar but Parades is easily their finest effort. Kinda like a post-rock Stereolab.
  • Ghastly City Sleep “Ghastly City Sleep” (Robotic Empire) – Really awesome change of pace band for Robotic Empire. GCS play dreamy, shoegazing post-rock with male/female vocals. Outstanding stuff.
  • Jimmy Eat World “Chase This Light” (Interscope) – A few clunkers here and there and perhaps a little too polished but really, it is yet another solid JEW album. I still love this band.
  • Maritime “Heresy And The Hotel Choir” (Flameshovel) – Hard to believe this is already Maritime’s third album. This one has hit me much quicker than the first two. And the band is about to go on tour with Jimmy Eat World which should be great exposure for them.
  • Moros Eros “Jealous Me Was Killed By Curiosity” (Victory) – Have not received this yet but the band’s debut last year was solid and promising.
  • The Octopus Project “Hello Avalanche” (Peek-A-Boo) – Eclectic (mainly) instrumental trio continues to pave their own unique path.
  • Soulsavers “It’s Not How Far You Fall, It’s The Way You Land” (Red Ink) – Kind of underwhelmed by this so far. I figured I would love this with Mark Lanegan (QOTSA, Screaming Trees) featured on vocals.
  • Steel Train “Trampoline” (Drive-Thru) – All I have heard about this band in the past is that they were a jam band. That coupled with them being on Drive-Thru were two very big strikes to overcome. However, Trampoline is solid and very similar in style to Limbeck and Kings Of Leon.
  • Thrice “The Alchemy Index: Vols I & II” (Vagrant) – Just got this in the mail yesterday…have not listened yet.

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