Posted by: will | October 12, 2007

Music Review – Fjord Rowboat

Fjord Rowboat “Saved The Compliments For Morning” (Self-Released)


Getting albums like Saved The Compliments For Morning in my mailbox is why I still keep doing SAL. Fjord Rowboat are one of those pleasant surprises that simply keep me going when the weight of trying to keep up with music is a little too much. Ths Toronto band plays a shimmering concoction of sounds. Imagine if you will what Minus The Bear might sound like if they were largely influenced by a whole bunch of shoegazing bands. That might give you a clue as to where Fjord Rowboat’s sound resides.

The dreamy soundscapes of swirling guitars and lush vocals quickly become the band’s calling card on Saved The Compliments For Morning. The album strikes a perfect balance as Fjord Rowboat are able to keep a remarkable tempo and flow throughout. This is a fantastic headphone album as many of these songs wash over you in layer after beautiful layer. The band began recording this album way back in the fall of 2005. Because of that the band’s attention to detail should be commended. These ten songs are carefully crafted and it shows in their overall quality. Much akin to a band like The Brother Kite, Fjord Rowboat put their own unique spin on the shoegazing genre.

The whole package for Saved The Compliments For Morning is impressive. The glacial blue artwork and the band’s reserved and steady pace only enhance the mood Fjord Rowboat attempt to create within. Fjord Rowboat’s Saved The Compliments For Morning is one of those albums that may promise more for the future than it actually delivers in the present. That just makes the anticipation for the next record even stronger.

RIYL: Minus The Bear, Doves, Swervedriver


Fjord Rowboat – Shootin’ The Breeze (mp3)

Stream entire record

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  1. good find, will sasso. you came through for me tonight, tonight.

  2. this is a great record that was on the very edge of making into “Best New Music”

  3. […] October 29, 2007 Fjord Rowboat “Carried Away” Video Posted by soundaslanguage under Music , Music Video , Video , Youtube   “Carried Away” is the first video from Fjord Rowboat’s excellent debut, Saved The Compliments For Morning, which I reviewed here. […]

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