Posted by: will | October 9, 2007

Music Review – Giving Chase

Giving Chase “A Cheap Print Of A Masterpiece” (Jump Start)


Giving Chase hail from Philadelphia, PA and play a powerful brand of melodic hardcore. Melodic hardcore usually cuts one of two ways and Giving Chase seemingly fall on the more hardcore side of the tracks. The band does a fine job of melding their hardcore sound with moments of melody. However, Giving Chase seem to be a hardcore band at heart.

Giving Chase showcase an impressive songwriting ability on A Cheap Print Of A Masterpiece. The band practices the dual vocalist approach of soft singing mixed with hardcore screaming. As much as that has been played out over the last few years, here it sounds genuine and ripe with emotion. Giving Chase’s ambitious arrangements and range should certainly be mentioned. The band can go from balls out hardcore to piano induced ballads at the drop of a hat. That kind of diversity brings to mind fellow Philly band and Jump Start labelmate Jena Berlin. There is also a metallic edge to Giving Chase’s sound that is similar to Strung Out.

While Giving Chase may not be reinventing the genre, A Cheap Print Of A Masterpiece is a fine slab of melodic hardcore. The band adds more than enough variation to the genre to keep fans interested and coming back for more. Most of all though, A Cheap Print Of A Masterpiece breeds anger and passion. There is nothing fake here and it is exactly what a hardcore record should convey.

RIYL: Good Riddance, Jena Berlin, Strung Out


Giving Chase – Confessional (mp3)

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