Posted by: will | October 5, 2007

Music Review – Mean Creek

Mean Creek “Around The Bend” (Clubhouse)

Chis Keene and Aurore Ounjian originally got together as a duo (Chris & Aurore) before deciding a full band might provide better emphasis for their songwriting. That band became Mean Creek and Around The Bend is their impressive debut album. Released on the upcoming Boston label, Clubhouse Records, Mean Creek’s Around The Bend brings back some fond early 90’s memories where alternative pop was all the rage. It also brings to mind the eclectic mixture of modern indie pop darlings, Stars.

Much like Stars, Mean Creek’s male/female vocal harmonies (created by Keene and Ounjian) are endearing to say the least. The group has an ear for creating such catchy melodies and those harmonies only enhance the band’s sharpest weapon. Tracks like “Momentary”, “Ohio”, “The Same Place” and “To Never Again” are instantly gratifying even upon their first play. There is also a folk/country atmosphere to many of the band’s songs which adds yet another element to the band’s eclectic sound. Harmonicas and banjos subtly make appearances on Around The Bend and add a richness to the band’s enveloping indie pop.

With Around The Bend, Mean Creek have crafted an amazingly mature debut album. The band shows off such incredible promise and truly is well beyond many of their elders. It is impossible not to wonder where the band will go from here. Until then though, Mean Creek remain well ahead of the curve.

RIYL: The Lemonheads, Buffalo Tom, Stars


Mean Creek – Ohio (mp3)

Mean Creek – To Never Again (mp3)

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