Posted by: will | September 26, 2007

Music Review – Ringers

Ringers “Detention Halls” (1-2-3-4 Go!)


There is something to be said for playing what you know. Wearing your influences so brazenly does not always have to be a negative approach. On Detention Halls, Boston’s Ringers prove just that with their familiar blend of rocking pop punk. Drawing notable comparisons to bands like Dillinger Four and Leatherface, Ringers blast through ten songs in 24 minutes. Much like D4, Ringers use the multiple vocalists approach. From snotty to gruff, Ringers expertly give off that signature punk attitude. Lyrically, the band touches on the everyday trials and tribulations of life and the frustration that comes with it. The band certainly clocks in a few steps above your average pop punk lyrical mess. Ringers have a definite East Bay feel to their songs even though they call Boston their home. The band brings to mind early Rancid and The Swingin’ Utters on more than a few occasions. Also, the slower tunes give off a definite folk influence which is akin to Billy Bragg. It is always nice to hear a punk rock band who recognizes their roots. Detention Halls may not blow you away but as far as pop punk rock goes, Ringers are the definition of rock solid.

RIYL: Dillinger Four, Rancid, Swingin’ Utters


Ringers – Amateur Hour (mp3)

Ringers – Nothing To Show (mp3)

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