Posted by: will | September 11, 2007

Music Review – It’s A King Thing


It’s A King Thing “LP” (Self-Released)


I discovered It’s A King Thing through my love of the great Up Up Down Down. Steve Poponi, the driving force behind UUDD, plays drums for It’s A King Thing. Also, showing up in the band is Evan Weiss of The Progress. However, It’s A King Thing is the brainchild of Brian Mietz. With notable influences/resemblances to bands like Guided By Voices, The Lemonheads and Weezer, It’s A King Thing’s LP goes by in a sunny pop haze.

As the opening track is titled, “Metallica, Meshallica,” you can imagine what is to come. The lyrics run the gamut but always stay firmly in cheek. There is a bit more to these songs than Mietz’s quoted influences though. The slower, more atmospheric tracks actually do have an Up Up Down Down vibe to them. “87 Million Fights” sounds like a great pop song if it was written by Dinosaur Jr. or Built To Spill. “Barbershop” is about as epic as a two minute pop song can be. For the most part though, Mietz’s geeky-pop inner child shines through and that is quite alright. Hell, Weezer wishes they could still write songs as good as “Girlajuana”, “Better Taste, Better Style” and “White Fur.” Acoustic songs like “Kate O’Mara”, “Over When I’m Sober” and “Emily” have a distinct Ben Kweller feel. With 14 diverse pop songs, Mietz does an excellent job of sequencing and drawing the listener in and giving them 26 minutes of glorious ear candy.

At first glance, the band’s brand of pop-influenced indie rock may be easy to dismiss. However, after numerous listens, It’s A King Thing’s songs continue to burrow their way into a comfortable spot. With the longest song barely reaching the two and a half minute mark, brevity is It’s A King Thing’s initial attraction. It is the hooks that will keep you coming back for more though. If you can still appreciate your old Lemonheads and Weezer records, dare I say, It’s A King Thing is a must have.

Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock

RIYL: Guided By Voices, The Lemonheads, Weezer

87 Million Fights

Better Taste, Better Style




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