Posted by: will | September 10, 2007

Vinyl Corner – Papermoons


Papermoons “Papermoons” (Team Science)


Papermoons is Matt Clark and Daniel Hawkins. The duo hail from Houston, TX and play inviting acoustic indie/folk with some electronic flourishes. Both Clark and Hawkins recorded and played every instrument on the record. It shows in the intimate feel that emits from Papermoons’ soft, yet deliberate touch. This self-titled seven inch record is the band’s debut and is impressive in its moving simplicity. Clark and Hawkins will not “wow” you but they do lull you into a beautiful haze with their introspective songs. I am reminded a great deal of Wheat when I listen to Papermoons’ songs. The duo have that same electronic flirtation that fits so remarkably well with their warm acoustic nature. Also, the intimate brilliance of Mike Kinsella’s Owen project is another relevant touchstone. For a debut, Papermoons are treading on some impressive ground already. The lovely artwork soothes just like the duo’s music and the blue splattered colored vinyl is absolutely gorgeous. The record also comes with a CD version that includes a bonus song. Papermoons simply do everything right on their debut effort.

RIYL: Wheat, Matt Pond PA, Owen

Listen: Papermoons – Honesty (mp3)



  1. You are absolutely right on in your assessment of this beautiful little duo.
    I am reminded of good things when I listen to PaperMoons.

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