Posted by: will | September 6, 2007

Music Review – Broadway Calls


Broadway Calls “Broadway Calls” (State Of Mind)

I am such a sucker for well-played pop/punk. If you would have told me ten years ago that I would still be listening to this stuff at the old age of 29, well, I would have probably smiled and said I hope so. Broadway Calls’ self-titled debut full-length is simply one of the best pure pop/punk records I have heard in a few years. The band formed in 2005 from the ashes of hardcore act Countdown To Life. Singer/guitarist Ty Vaughn and drummer Josh Baird moved on and added Josh’s brother Robert Baird on guitar and Matt Koenig on bass/vocals to form Broadway Calls.

Broadway Calls pump out pop/punk anthems one after the other. It’s enough to knock you on your ass if you are a fan of this style. “Call It Off” sounds like a political swipe at the current administration’s readiness to put military efforts before diplomacy. It is about as political as Broadway Calls get here though. Most of the band’s songs deal with matters of the heart and struggles with life and the apathy it can cause. “Back To Oregon” shows Broadway Calls have the pop chops to make the big time if they so desire in the future. “Suffer The Kids” is a call for all of us to look at ourselves in the mirror and realize we are not innocent when it comes to the kind of world we choose to leave behind. The album’s middle third does lose a little bit of steam compared to the album’s tremendous first half. The band rebounds though with a powerful and diverse burst of songs to end the album. “Save Our Ship” starts out sounding like that obligatory acoustic song but builds to a powerful full band ending. “Life Is In The Air” is a bit of a curveball as it has a ska/reggae beat to start the track off. Album closer, “So Long My Friend” sounds like the best Green Day song never written. The band’s addition of horns to the song adds a different dynamic. Overall, the band’s debut sounds awesome. The production might be too slick at times but it does add a powerful crispness to the band’s songs. Broadway Calls have written an outstanding pop/punk record. Nothing more, nothing less.

I have already seen (obviously) lazy reviewers that have compared Broadway Calls to Fall Out Boy. That is a shame really. Broadway Calls have more heart and passion than Fall Out Boy could ever muster. Broadway Calls are more in line with early Green Day and Samiam as well as great current pop/punk bands like The Loved Ones. Much like The Loved Ones, Broadway Calls would fit right in on a hardcore show. That is a tribute to the band’s range and appeal. If you are still a fan of this type of stuff, Broadway Calls is simply a must have.

RIYL: Green Day, The Loved Ones, Samiam


Broadway Calls – Call It Off (mp3)

Broadway Calls – Suffer The Kids (video)


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