Posted by: will | September 4, 2007

Music Review – Dark Little Rooms

Dark Little Rooms “Foolish Beauty” (Blind Sea)


Dark Little Room’s Foolish Beauty was recorded completely on a Tascam 388, 8 track recorder. Being musically inept, I really have no idea what that means other than the fact that Foolish Beauty should be considered a home recording. I must say though, the album sounds incredibly rich for being so limited recording wise. Dark Little Rooms is the brainchild of Scott Crowder and Foolish Beauty is a 50 minute journey through the expansive corners of his creative mind.

Crowder touches on a plethora of aspects and genres here…from the dark atmospheric rock of Calla to the gloomy stretches of Nick Cave to the R&B laced stylings of Greg Dulli‘s projects (The Afghan Whigs, The Twilight Singers). “Sooner Than Later”, “Beauty Queen”, “Soon It Will Be The Day” and “Wide Awake” all have that swagger that characterizes so many of Greg Dulli’s greatest songs. Crowder has a passion and command in his voice that simply can not be faked. “Nothing I Wouldn’t Do” even gives off an early U2 feel that sounds wonderfully familiar. Songs like “Devotion Song”, “Holding On”, “All That I Am” and “Foolish Beauty” are gorgeous and pleading ballads that breed a dark, yet hopeful passion for what may lie ahead. There is a quiet intensity that ruminates throughout the album. It is especially apparent on instrumental tracks like “With Help From Bees” and “Sad Friend Songs.” The many aspects of Crowder’s songwriting help complete the desolate journey that Foolish Beauty sets out to make.

With Foolish Beauty, Crowder’s Dark Little Rooms have created an album where spirit and mood are able to triumph over (lack of) production. The album is a remarkable voyage through the desperation and somber charm of all life has to give and take away. Put Foolish Beauty on late at night and let it transport you somewhere you never thought to go.

RIYL: Calla, Nick Cave, The Afghan Whigs


Dark Little Rooms – Sooner Than Later (mp3)

Dark Little Rooms – Nothing I Wouldn’t Do (mp3)

Dark Little Rooms – All That I Am (mp3)

Dark Little Rooms – Foolish Beauty (mp3)



  1. That’s right. I own Foolish Beauty, and it’s a great record by a guy with great talent and an awesome voice! Good review.

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