Posted by: will | August 31, 2007

Music Review – Monument

Monument “Monujamz Demo” (Self-Released)

The Kinsella legacy continues to live on and in fact, flourish here in 2007. There are so many amazing bands of this style that have popped up in the last year or so. Almost every bit of it bares striking influences and resemblances to the work of Mike Kinsella (Owen/American Football/Cap n’ Jazz/Joan Of Arc/Owls) and Tim Kinsella (Cap n’ Jazz/Joan Of Arc/Owls/Make Believe). You can add Monument to that list as well. Monument grab from the best of the Kinsella groups with a healthy sprinkling of early Braid as well. Production is the only reason these guys fall a little short of the awesome Algernon Cadwallader and Street Smart Cyclist demos that I reviewed earlier this year. But, that should be expected and in a sense, that roughness gives the band a little more personality. Production quality aside, you can still feel the unhinged energy emanating from Monument and the songs are so good they shine right through. This new crop of bands has me so stoked and Monument does nothing but enhance that excitement.

RIYL: Braid, Cap n’ Jazz, American Football


1. Glasshouse (mp3)

2. Driftwood (mp3)

3. Seneca (mp3)

4. Window Light (mp3)

Monument four song demo (rar/zip file)


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