Posted by: will | August 30, 2007

Band Of The Day – Ghost In The Water


Mandy and Nathan who make up Ghost In The Water, have performed in a band called Fitzgerald for years now. When the Minneapolis duo began to write songs that did not fit into that mold, they formed Ghost In The Water. I just so happened to stumble upon the duo’s myspace page recently and was stunned to hear such gorgeous, angelic music. If I must describe the duo, the music is in the electro-indie pop realm. However, that would seem to simplify the elements at play here. The male/female vocals play off each other with remarkable results. The musical backdrops are playful while still adding great detail to the songs. The duo just completed their debut album. Frankly, I can not wait to hear the finished product.



  1. […] naming names), I practically swore off these sickeningly cute pairings. That is until I remembered Ghost In The Water. Tooth is the kind of album people should be investing their time and energy towards. Granted, this […]

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