Posted by: will | August 28, 2007

Music Review – Call It Arson

Call It Arson “The Animal Strings Album” (Kill Normal)


Connecticut band Call It Arson have been going at it for more than a few years now. The Animal Strings Album marks the band’s latest release. The six song EP is as diverse a listen as you will hear this year. The band shows a wealth of range and influences over the course of these 23 minutes and it is impressive to say the least.

The first track, “Eliza,” is a solid take on the Bright Eyes school of acoustic confessional songwriting. However, the song gives no hint as to what is to come next. Tracks 2, 3 and 4 are where The Animal Strings Album truly sinks its teeth in. “The Unmanageable Superstate” sounds like Arcade Fire but with a ton more muscle and without all the histrionics. “Animal Strings” is the winner here though. I can not recall a band ever reminding me of the great Waxwing, but Call It Arson do just that with this song. If you know how much of a fan I was of Rocky Votolato‘s former band, then you know how high of a compliment that really is. “On The Run” is a short and sweet pop tune that conjures up images of leaving alone across dusty trails. The other two songs on The Animal Strings Album are more than capable and continue to show off the band’s solid backbone.

For first impressions, Call It Arson have done an admirable job with The Animal Strings Album. While comparisons to Arcade Fire and Bright Eyes would normally leave me running for the door, Call It Arson actually have me hitting the repeat button. If the band keeps practicing such diverse songwriting, they are bound to breakthrough the indie ranks. I will surely be pulling for them the entire way.

RIYL: Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes, Waxwing

Listen: Call It Arson – Animal Strings (mp3)

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