Posted by: will | August 22, 2007

The Avett Brothers…


The Avett Brothers “Emotionalism” (Ramseur)

You know, being from South Carolina, it always pains me to give credit to anything having to do with North Carolina. It was even painful for me to live in Charlotte, NC for two years (in more ways than one). Call it what you will but SC and NC just do not seem to get along sometimes. But, I will let it slide for now. The Avett Brothers hail from Concord, NC which is just outside of Charlotte. Spending a few years living in Charlotte I was lucky enough to catch The Avett Brothers live and let me tell you, it is an experience. The wealth of people that come to see the Avetts was definitely an eye-opener. I am not quite sure I have seen such a diverse crowd at a show ever before…it was a beautiful thing.

The Avett Brothers play a unique brand of acoustic indie folk. The band encompasses elements of pop, bluegrass, folk and a punk rock spirit into one amazing and unique sound. Emotionalism is such a perfect title for an Avett Brothers record. The boys throw everything they have into their songs and it shows. Attracting fans with their infectious melodies, The Avett Brothers set sail for lands not yet discovered. Emotionalism deals with matters of the heart in real, desperate and beautiful terms. At times heart-breaking and at other times uplifting, The Avett Brothers’ passion is completely rejuvenating to the soul. The band has an amazing sense of intensity and energy in their music. That is what makes The Avett Brothers’ music so special…it’s presence is absolutely immediate. There is only one downfall to the Avetts and it rears its ugly head again with Emotionalism. Their albums are just too damn long! Granted Emotionalism only clocks in at close to an hour while their previous album registered at almost 75 minutes. It is a bit better but still not where it needs to be. However, that is only a small complaint and who can blame the Avetts for being confident in their material? Certainly not me.

If you dig the styles that the Avetts touch on I suggest you delve deep into the band’s catalog. The Avett Brothers are throwing tons of shit against the wall and the majority of it is sticking. This is some amazing music being made in the Carolinas. Do yourself a favor and check out one of the more exciting bands going today. Quite frankly, The Avett Brothers should be the new face of modern American folk.

RIYL: Old Crow Medicine Show, Langhorne Slim, Wilco


The Avett Brothers – Die Die Die (mp3)

The Avett Brothers – Paranoia in B-Flat Major (live video)



  1. was it painful because you were violated by an indie record label? here’s a care bear – show me where they touched you.

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