Posted by: will | August 22, 2007

Band You Should Know – Toe…



Japanese band Toe are a tremendous (mainly) instrumental band that I just recently came across. The band has been around for more than a few years so I am wondering where the hell have I been on these guys. First, the musicianship shown by the band is nothing short of incredible…especially the drummer who is just plain sick. The band does add vocals at times and it always works rather seamlessly. Toe manage to stay incredibly melodic while playing rhythmically obtuse music. They simply walk the line with a studied perfection. I simply can not stress how amazing this band is. Toe’s most recent release is the 2006 four song EP, New Sentimentality. I suggest you start with that but you really can not go wrong with anything in this band’s catalog.



  1. i agree on you mate….Toe’s just a god

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