Posted by: will | August 21, 2007

Album Of The Day – David Dondero…

David Dondero “Simple Love” (Team Love)


– If you want to know where Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes copped his vocal style then all you need to do is pick up any David Dondero album. Apparently, Oberst has admitted just that in interviews. One would hope so because there is no way he could possibly get away with it. And the irony is that both Dondero’s new album, Simple Love, and his last album, 2005’s South Of The South, have come out on Oberst’s label, Team Love. Simple Love is some of Dondero’s best work yet and is released today. Review upcoming.



  1. This is definitely his most diverse album he has released. I like it, but not quite sure where I would put it among his other albums yet. David Dondero is just awesome. I still can’t get over the fact that he was the drummer for This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb for a while.

  2. Yeah, how did I miss that fact?

  3. i bought “simple love” one week ago. like most of dondero’s work it needs more than a passive listen to fully understand and appreciate just how incredible his songs are.
    “simple love” is great and i hope you post a full review.
    for those who are interested, you should try to find some SUNBRAIN songs on the web to listen to. dondero singing for a post-punk band is not to be missed. in fact, SUNBRAIN (1992-1996) is one of my all time favorite bands. just ask mr. oberst how inspiring they were. peace to you.

  4. I’ve always meant to listen to Sunbrain but never have. What’s a good starting point?

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