Posted by: will | August 16, 2007

Movers And Shakers…

Movers And Shakers “La Calavera” (Clubhouse)

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Movers And Shakers live as they were opening for the boys of Lock And Key here in Columbia. The band played a short opening set but were quite impressive in doing so. Unfortunately, it seemed as most people were not even paying attention. Their loss though as Movers And Shakers play a memorable brand of rootsy, anthemic punk rock that sticks to your guts from the start. The boys recall a day when ska and reggae still had an incredible amount of influence on punk music. Movers And Shakers incorporate those influences rather smoothly and certainly never as any kind of gimmick. Movers And Shakers are still in their infancy and while that might show up at times on La Calavera the promise is certainly there for all to see. This is quite simply, punk rock for the soul.

RIYL: The Exit, The Clash, Against Me!

Listen: Movers And Shakers – The Further You Go (mp3)


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