Posted by: will | August 16, 2007

Best Album Covers – Mogwai…

Mogwai “Come On Die Young” (Matador)

Apparently, according to my girlfriend, I like creepy artwork. Which I guess explains why so many of the walls in my house are bare because she definitely does not approve. But, I guess it does explain the fondness I have always had for the cover of Come On Die Young by Mogwai.



  1. you make me sound like one of “those” girlfriends…which i’m not, and you know it!

  2. hmm… i think you posted this all as an elaborate scheme to make us think you have a girlfriend. you came up with a post to “mention” a “girlfriend” and then mysteriously a “girlfriend” posts a comments.

    well played, sal.

  3. shhhhh!!!

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