Posted by: will | August 15, 2007

Ram & Ox…

Ram & Ox “Demo” (Self-Released)

Click on the album cover or here to download demo.

Ram & Ox formed from the ashes of the now defunct pop-punk band None More Black. After hearing so many great demos this year you seem to forget what most demos actually sound like. The sound here is quite good but Ram & Ox remind me why demos are so hit and miss. Ram & Ox muscle their way through six songs but still seem to be searching for their true sound. I will give them a big clue…start with the first song, “Fail Math Not Brothers”, and continue along that same path. “Fail Math Not Brothers” is an awesome slab of anthemic punk rock n’ roll that reminds one of fellow Philly band The Loved Ones. The song showcases a little twang and a whole lot of soul. Unfortunately, the band follows it up on the next few tracks by sounding rather generic. Ram & Ox simply can not decide whether they want to be a hardcore band or a rock n’ roll band and they fail to create a strong combination of the two. “Shortcut To Get Away With Murder” is the closest the band comes to touching on that special something that they accomplished with the first song. Simply put, if the band follows along the same path of “Fail Math Not Brothers” then they have one hell of a future in front of them. If not, I fear Ram & Ox might find themselves lost in the shuffle.

RIYL: None More Black, The Bronx, The Loved Ones

Listen: Ram & Ox – Fail Math Not Brothers (mp3)


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