Posted by: will | August 15, 2007

Hump Musings!!


– First and foremost, I finally got to hear The Weakerthans new strangely titled album, Reunion Tour. The album comes out in late September. I am on my sixth or seventh listen already and the album definitely has made its mark. Reunion Tour has a bit more of a straight ahead approach than 2003’s Reconstruction Site. The album is perhaps more in line with my favorite Weakerthans record, 2000’s amazing Left And Leaving. Can I already pencil Reunion Tour in as album of the year? Probably. Now please give us some Southeastern tour dates guys!

– Secondly, there is the announcement of a new Lawrence Arms tour. But, this is not just any Arms tour. This one includes the recently reformed (and awesome) American Steel. Also along for the ride are Arms bassist/vocalist Brendan Kelly’s side band, The Falcon and Arms guitarist/vocalist Chris McCaughan’s side project Sundowner. Not only is that an incredible lineup, there has been talk of material from pre-Lawrence Arms bands popping up. From the gruff punk of The Broadways or the punk/ska of Slapstick, this should be an amazing gig. And if horns show up for the Slapstick songs I just might die of happiness.

– The reformed Smoking Popes have four new songs up on their myspace here. These guys have not lost a thing. New album in early 08 it looks like.

– I have been slacking on Band Interviews but I should have some coming up soon.

– Get up on The Appleseed Cast contest people! An emo band from 1999…c’mon! Here is a hint…they are still around today…wink wink.



  1. I’m friends with you on lastfm (letteropener) and saw that you seemed to be enjoying the new Weakerthans as much as I am. I’d have to agree with you that it is certainly a contender for album of the year.

    That Lawrence Arms tour is going to kick all kinds of ass, but the closest city it will hit (of the announced dates) is four hours away from me in CHicago, so I don’t know if I will be able to make it.

  2. more in line with Left and Leaving? that’s bold.

    ps- how do i go about declaring myself a music critic so i can get albums before they release? i’m ridiculously jealous of you.

  3. Jessi! It doesn’t take much to be a music critic!

    I love Reunion Tour…not sure where I would place it in their discography but I think you will like it for sure.

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