Posted by: will | August 14, 2007

The Winston Jazz Routine…

The Winston Jazz Routine “Sospiri” (The Record Machine)

This Nashville band’s name is a bit misleading. In fact there is nothing remotely jazzy about Sospiri. The Winston Jazz Routine actually play soft and lush indie pop with subtle electronic flourishes. The band does a remarkable job at creating dreamy musical landscapes. The band often reminds one of Ben Gibbards’ two main projects, Death Cab For Cutie and The Postal Service. While not at that high level just yet, The Winston Jazz Routine hint at having the talent to get there.

Sospiri does suffer from a noticeable lack of variation as most songs here have a tendency to bleed into one another. While the songs do sound lovely, the absence of changing tempo and dynamics work against the album’s strengths. They simply sap the staying power of Sospiri. When the band does pick up the pace and take a few more risks, they sound exhilarating and confident. However, that does not seem to happen often enough. As beautiful as Sospiri is and as easy as the record goes down, The Winston Jazz Routine still seem to suffer from a distinct lack of personality. Yet, still there is a lot to commend here. The Winston Jazz Routine certainly have the ability to do something magical in the future. Just not quite yet.

RIYL: Death Cab For Cutie, The Postal Service, The Notwist

Listen: The Winston Jazz Routine – A Ghost Beneath The Tower (mp3)


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