Posted by: will | August 14, 2007

Band Of The Day – Dear Tonight… beats me to the punchline again! Dear Tonight were recently featured as’s Artist of the Day. And as you can tell, SAL truly aspires to follow in the footsteps of So, it comes as no surprise that Dear Tonight are now SAL’s Band of the Day. I just received the band’s debut full-length, We’re Not Men, in the mail last week and was left thoroughly impressed. These guys are ripping stuff up in an early Dischord kind of way (Embrace, Rites of Spring). But the band shows a wealth of other influences across the album’s 12 songs as well. Check Dear Tonight out at their Myspace page here. Review for We’re Not Men coming soon.



  1. Dear Tonights been great for years.
    ask them for their first demo…. listen to act american. Trust me. Trust me.

  2. True that! I have the five song demo and it does in fact rip.

  3. This is a really good album. I just reviewed it myself over on my site.

  4. I did not review it. I put it in thinking it was gonna be some nice twee-mo slo-pop from the 90s and it was loud and threw me off guard. Maybe I’ll give it another listen when I’m not driving 5 hours and need some mellow yellow.

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