Posted by: will | August 11, 2007

Contest – GoodCore Records/The Appleseed Cast…

Sam over at GoodCore Records was cool enough to sponsor the new SAL contest. The Appleseed Cast released their debut album, The End Of The Ring Wars in 1998. I went to see a certain band in 1999 and saw an Appleseed Cast sticker on the back of their tour van. That is what convinced me to buy The End Of The Ring Wars. Obviously back then it did not take much to get me to buy an album. But, it turned out to be a great decision as The Appleseed Cast remains one of my favorite bands to this day. GoodCore has just released The End Of The Ring Wars on vinyl for the first time…limited edition double colored vinyl at that!

So, here is the contest. First person to guess what band had The Appleseed Cast sticker on their tour van wins. Each person gets one guess. There will be no multiple guesses or entries in this contest. You must leave your guess in the comment field with a legitimate email address. Once a band is guessed it can not be guessed again. Contest will run its course whether or not the correct answer has been given. So, hopefully we will have a winner to take home the Appleseed Cast vinyl as well as the three other GoodCore releases (The Goodbye Kiss, Henceforth, Hopewood). Sorry overseas readers…residents of US and Canada only please. Contest ends Friday, August 17th.



  1. Brandston. I’ll respect your “rules” and answer only once.

  2. The Promise Ring.

  3. hmm…’99…sophomore year of college…I’ll say Hot Water Music.

  4. The Dismemberment Plan

  5. i would have gone with hot water music too

  6. jimmy eat world?

  7. cursive

  8. […] Posted by soundaslanguage under Contest  Today is the last day to enter the GoodCore Records/The Appleseed Cast contest. Who knows if the right answer has been given. Jump on it! […]

  9. goodness. could be anything. BRAID hasn’t been mentioned. i’ll go with that.

  10. Don Bravado. No, wait…Hurt Reynolds!

  11. You forgot Burns Out Bright and Dade County Resistance!

  12. […] Posted by soundaslanguage under Contest , Music  Keith from Michigan wins the GoodCore Records/The Appleseed Cast contest. Keith guessed Jimmy Eat World correctly. Congrats and new contest should be up next week. […]

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