Posted by: will | August 9, 2007

Band Of The Day – The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers…

The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers hail from Minneapolis, MN. Right from the start that influence is noticeable as the band instantly brings to mind a host of Minneapolis bands. It goes from the sloppy rock of The Replacements to the pop-punk of Husker Du and on down the line to the unique story telling of the late Lifter Puller (pre-The Hold Steady). The boys add their own gruff punk rock to the mix with a little humor and there you go…a recipe for success. Plus the band name is pretty sweet too! The band is about to release their debut 7″…nice!



  1. i think they took the big lebowski gimmick way too far on their myspace profile.

  2. I don’t think there is such a thing as taking The Big Lebowski too far. The band rocks, they have a personality that comes across in their music and cannot be beat when you see them live. In short, I would go to a party AND an intervention, as long as LLUA was playing.

  3. Anyone else wanna go to duluth? awesome band, been digging their sound all the way here in sunny (yet drizzly) florida…

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