Posted by: will | August 7, 2007

Band Of The Day – Pomegranates…

Cincinnati based Pomegranates just signed to the great Lujo Records and the band is yet another winner for the label. These guys are pretty rad and not the easiest to describe which is always a pleasure to find. I don’t even know where to begin…the band plays catchy indie rock with some spastic tendencies and an experimental nature. Hell, this is good stuff…just go give them a listen! Hopefully somebody will be sending me Two Eyes, the band’s debut EP, soon so I can review the sucker.


  1. yay! i’ll send you an ep! (or at least the digi files.) aren’t they amazing?!?

  2. Yes! Thanks Jocelyn!

  3. there music is amazing, When I see their live shows I am instantly filled with bliss and happiness. There music makes you love them even more apart from their individual characters. What I can pull from their music is that it is a form of Indie Pop with creative dance beats. Also its cool cause their music also has a spirit of many eras and of many good times as I hear.

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