Posted by: will | August 6, 2007

Band Of The Day – Able Baker Fox…


Able Baker Fox is a new band formed from ex-members of two of my all-time favorites…The Casket Lottery and Small Brown Bike. The band’s lineup is as follows:

Nathan Ellis (The Casket Lottery, Coalesce, Jackie Carol) – Vocals, Guitar
Mike Reed (Small Brown Bike, LaSalle) – Vocals, Guitar
Ben Reed (Small Brown Bike, The Great Sea Serpents) – Vocals, Bass
Jeff Gensterblum (Small Brown Bike, The Holy Fire) – Drums

Able Baker Fox is finishing up their debut, Voices, which should be released by Second Nature by the end of the year hopefully. If the two songs on the band’s myspace are any indication, then Small Brown Bike and Casket Lottery fans should be absolutely giddy right now.



  1. Giddy, hell ya I am giddy!

    Good scoop!

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