Posted by: will | August 4, 2007

Music Reviews…

Music Reviews have been updated. The count stands at 337 now. I have also gone back and put the albums that made it into my Best New Music section in bold. Any opinions on if I should have a 1-10 rating system for my future music reviews? Or any other suggestions would be appreciated as well. Except for Brian from QCLA…he’s not allowed to comment anymore!



  1. Fuckin’ McKinney. Hate that guy.

  2. Tell me about it!

  3. Ratings are lame. People shouldn’t quantify music with a number or rating, but with an opinion of its strengths and weaknesses. You don’t want to be a P4K do you???

  4. Don’t make me ban you!

  5. Then you’d only have 5 readers and we don’t need that. Let’s face it… you need what I bring to the table. A wisenheimer mouth and an obscene sense of taste and aural refinement.

  6. You mean 500 readers, right? I think I could survive.

  7. You know what I couldn’t survive without? The Two Coreys on A&E. Holy moly is that a funny program. Sure, it’s partially scripted, but there’s real human tragedy in Corey Haim’s eyes. The guy is a walking punchline.

    Um. Emo rules.

  8. You’re a walking punchline…and tiring as well. You wear me out McKinney…it’s bedtime.

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