Posted by: will | August 3, 2007

Contest Update – Look Mexico…

The winner of the Look Mexico design your own pizza contest is Paul from Florida. He wins a buttload of free Look Mexico swag! Congrats! New contest starts on Monday and it is for vinyl! Yeah!



  1. I bet the new contest is gonna be from one of these bands/labels:

    Jena Berlin • O Pioneers!!! • Look Mexico • The Measure [SA]
    Street Smart Cyclist • Bridge and Tunnel • The Ackleys •Andy The Door Bum
    Broadway Calls • Dear Tonight • Giving Chase • Band Marino • The Bee Team • Paper Moons
    Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start • The Sibling Project • Wolverines • Baby Calendar
    Team Science Records • Our Neighborhood Records • Jump Start Records • Lujo Records • Red Leader Records

    Just a guess.

  2. While the contest is rather “emo” your guess would be wrong…but thanks for playing!

  3. If it’s a copy of the new “this is indie rock” I’m going to fly to SC and throttle you. I need to do a contest. It’s been too long…

  4. Was it the “gummy Flintstone vitamins” that swayed the judges? dang!

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