Posted by: will | August 1, 2007


Goldrush “The Heart Is The Place” (Better Looking)

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The Heart is The Place is the third full-length album from Oxford, England band Goldrush. The band formed in the late 90s and signed to Virgin for their debut effort, 2002’s Don’t Bring Me Down. As happens all too often, Goldrush was dropped soon after. Goldrush might be lumped into traditional brit-rock categories but there is something more compelling to the band’s sound. Goldrush seem to bring a lot of American influences to their version of Catherine Wheel/Ride inspired brit-rock. Touchstones like The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev and Grandaddy are noticeable as Goldrush’s musical pallette stretches far beyond the normal british rock fare. Instrumentally, the band shows a wide range with ample horns, strings and keyboards that guide these songs along their melodic way. Vocally, the band can not escape comparisons to Coldplay or Snow Patrol which does set them back I must admit. However, Goldrush offer something a little more unique overall here. The Heart Is The Place has brought me back numerous times and admittedly, my tolerance for Brit-rock is not high at all. Why Goldrush is not as big as Coldplay or Snow Patrol though, I will never understand.

RIYL: Ride, Mercury Rev, Grandaddy


Goldrush – Every One Of Us (mp3)

Goldrush – Heaven’s My Destination (mp3)



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