Posted by: will | July 31, 2007

First To Leave…

First To Leave “Forging A Future” (Lobster)


I must admit that First To Leave have caught me off guard and left quite an impression with their second album, Forging A Future. The San Francisco band play a familiar brand of melodic pop-punk in the vein of Lifetime, Saves The Day and Fairweather. However, unlike a lot of bands mining that territory now, First To Leave never come across as simply a tribute band. In fact the band has created quite a little personality of their own on Forging A Future.

Forging A Future is a fairly diverse album for such a young band. First To Leave does an excellent job of changing the tempo and dynamics of their songs. From the more straight forward pop punk songs to the faster paced hardcore and even slower emo moments, First To Leave keep you guessing. More than a few times on Forging A Future, I am reminded of the great Good Riddance and those perfect pop songs the band would write to go alongside their patented hardcore material. First To Leave vocalist Matt Foster’s voice lies somewhere in between the high pitches of Jay Littleton of Fairweather and the more gravelly voice of Russ Rankin of Good Riddance. That is some hefty company.

For this style, 12 songs at 30 minutes is an eternity though. The First To Leave boys could take some cues from their mentors in Lifetime and shorten and tighten some of these songs up. However, for the most part, First To Leave make up for that by writing truly memorable melodies. First To Leave have some work to do but they are certainly on the right track here. The future First To Leave is forging is certainly a bright one.

RIYL: Lifetime, Saves The Day, Fairweather


First To Leave – Keep Moving (mp3)

First To Leave – The Blind Man (mp3)

First To Leave – Drag The Lake (video)


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