Posted by: will | July 31, 2007

Band Of The Day – Travis Morrison Hellfighters…

Travis Morrison was the front man for what is most likely my favorite band of all time…The Dismemberment Plan. Add to that my severe man crush on him and you can possibly see that I might be a little biased here. Anyway, Travis Morrison’s first solo album, 2004’s Travistan was not very well-received. The ole experts at Pitchfork gave it a 0.0 score. In actuality, the album was not that bad at all if you dropped all your preconceived notions. After singing in church choirs for the last three years Morrison is about to drop his long-awaited second album, All Y’all, with his new band The Hellfighters. The whole album is up for streaming at his website and/or you can download the track below. Go take a listen…I am digging it so far.


As We Proceed (mp3)



  1. You’re always ripping me off. Dang. Well, hold on… you’re always ripping me off whenever it has nothing to do with the 2nd coming of EMO. 😉

  2. While it is no “Ice of Boston”, I definitely like it and look forward to more. I can’t believe that Pitchfork gave his first release a 0.0. Is that really necessary? Artist have got to try new things you know.

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