Posted by: will | July 30, 2007

Band Of The Day – Prints…

Welcome to a new feature. In my daily travels for new music through the wasteland that is the Internet I come across a lot of bands. This will be a QUICK spotlight on one band a day. I will try to do it every weekday along with my normal music reviews and posts. We shall see how it goes.

I came across Prints last night. The band is signed to Temporary Residence but don’t let that fool you. This is definitely not what you would expect from the label. The band is a little hard to describe but I will go with indie pop with a tremendous instrumental emphasis. Frankly, it is some of the best, most inventive indie pop I have heard in quite a while. Check out the song “Easy Magic” on their Myspace. The album is not out until September. Review is definitely forthcoming for this.



  1. This is a pretty good find. They seem to walk that fine line between catchy and crazy. TRL has a lot of odd stuff, but this does tend more toward pop than they typically do. I think I’ll keep an eye out for the album in September.

  2. i think this is not pop…experimental.
    or wtf is experimental?…this is not indie pop…its a really hard and great job. Few steps to future. Nice and clean.

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