Posted by: will | July 27, 2007

The Pax Cecilia…


The Pax Cecilia “Blessed Are The Bonds” (Self-Released)

(To receive a free copy of Blessed Are The Bonds send your mailing address to

I was first attracted to The Pax Cecilia when I heard the band gives away their CDs and only asks for donations in return. Even though I was skeptical of the quality, I went ahead and asked the band for a free CD. Imagine to my dismay when I received the CD in such exquisite packaging and artwork. I was even more floored when I put in Blessed Are The Bonds and heard something so amazing and worthy of attention. The Pax Cecilia hail from Brookville, PA and the band plays a sick amalgam of many different styles. Post-rock metal is what I see the band lumped into the most but frankly, I will take these guys over the latest Isis clones any day of the week. The creativity of the band drips out from from every pore on Blessed Are The Bonds.

Before Murder By Death changed their name they put out an album under the moniker Little Joe Gould. While not necessarily sounding like Little Joe Gould, The Pax Cecilia keep bringing that album, Like The Exorcist, But More Breakdancing, up for comparison. It was a dark and diverse masterpiece of an album and I can not help but think that Blessed Are The Bonds occupies that same sort of territory. The Pax Cecilia are heavier but seem to share a common bond with the feel Little Joe Gould was attempting with that album.

Piano and violins start off Blessed Are The Bonds as the ten-minute opening track, “the Tragedy” sets the stage for this dark, emotional journey. The Pax Cecilia go back and forth between rich instrumentals and vocal tracks but they never lose the dynamic feel of the whole album. The band’s employment of piano and strings in their pieces adds an emotional depth that simply can not be created with just bass/guitar/drums. Whether it be the soft, haunting vocals or the dark gutteral screams, the band stays within themselves and the mood they have created with these songs. That is what makes Blessed Are The Bonds so unique in this day in age. Each song plays as a smaller piece of a larger puzzle. One without the other seems empty. It is a beautiful thing to bare witness to.

The Pax Cecilia touch on why I love music in all its different incarnations. The band creates music simply for the love of their craft. This is music and art untouched by commercialism. If you want to hear the band, you can. Nothing stands between you and the music. That is incredibly special and rare to find these days. The Pax Cecilia understand this responsibility. The band holds up their end of the bargain and more with Blessed Are The Bonds.

RIYL: Murder By Death, Engine Down, Isis

Listen: The Pax Cecilia – the Tomb Song (mp3)



  1. I hear a little first EP-era Desert City Soundtrack in this song.

  2. Good point Corey…the slower piano based stuff does bring to mind DCS.

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