Posted by: will | July 27, 2007

Contest – Look Mexico…

Emo darlings Look Mexico like lots of things…jhorts, beer, ninja turtles, beards, nipples. Ok, so I’m not sure they like nipples but who doesn’t like nipples? Well, maybe not the big sausage looking ones but anyway, you know what I mean. Speaking of sausage…what the boys really like is pizza. And sometimes, instead of rubbing it over the naked bodies they like to eat it too! So, here’s the deal…you submit your favorite pizza combinations…from boring cheese to the most exotic of toppings. Look Mexico will then pick a few of their favorites as the winners. In turn you will get a band tee shirt, the band’s amazing new album, This Is Animal Music, the band’s Crucial EP and So Byzantine EP (which I don’t even have damnit!). Oh, this should be good!

You can either leave the pizza combination in the comment field with a legitimate email address or send it via email to with “Contest” as your subject. Sorry overseas readers…residents of US and Canada only please. Contest ends Sunday, July 29th.


Look Mexico – You Come Into My House, While I Sleep? (mp3)

Look Mexico – Done And Done. (mp3)



  1. do i detect a contest pattern??? hmm…

  2. i don’t really want to enter the contest, i have tons of stuff of theirs (aside from the new album) but i love pizza and wanted to share my combination.

    take a small/medium dough. slap it out to a large/extra large so it’s almost New York style in consistency. mix together your favorite bbq sauce and buffalo sauce and slather that on there. then crumble up bacon and dust it with that. cut up some fried chicken strips and spread those out….aim for about 5 pieces per slice. then cover with about a cup and a half of shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese and bake til the cheese gets nice and a little crispy.

  3. Mexican Pizza-

    Pepperoni Pizza,

    Covered with Brontosaurus meat,

    Dashed with a variety of flinstones gummy vitamins.

    Thin crust.

  4. My favorite combination is a pepparoni, bacon, sausage, spinach, tomato, asparagus (only the tips) pizza, with pepparoni style hot pockets baked in the crust, and then put some ranch dressing on top.

  5. I like a fancy thin crust pizza with fresh smoked mozzarella, fresh basil and slices of ripe tomatoes baked all nice and toasty so the cheese becomes golden. Mmmm…pizza….

    They should try deep fried cheese ravioli baked on a pizza. Mmmmm…raviolis…

  6. pesto pizza, thin crust new york style pizza with pesto and mozzarella cheese and potatoes sauted in butter and garlic. best pizza i have ever had

    oh and i love you guys so much

  7. take 2 Totino’s Party Pizzas & cook them
    put together like a sandwich.
    120% of your Daily Value of fat, 160% sodium!

  8. Roasted Clams and Garlic

  9. One thin crust pizza with light tomato sauce,
    no cheese,
    sprinkle with a healthy dose of vicodin, xanax and if you can, a speed ball.

    Wash it down with ohhhh 9 or 10 martinis.

    I got it from the Lindsay Lohan cookbook.

  10. I just got my Up Up prize package and I’m gonna look pimp wearing this t-shirt to the pub.

  11. Stop posting here unless you have some pizza combinations!

    I am not eligible to win but how about ostrich burger pizza? eh?

  12. you’re gonna get it, south carolina.

    how about a willapotomous topped, thin crust, shut your face with extra bam!

  13. Who won? I have to vote for Brian, the “extra bam” made me laugh but just a little…

  14. Waiting on the band…I’ll announce winners later in the week. New contest up shortly.

  15. i’m touched. 😉

  16. mmmm… Look Mexico Pizza =]
    now thats tastyyyy.

    but really all i want is a t-shirt, what can i say.. i love you guys ❤

    well Look Mexico Pizza, Shit Pizza, and margarita pizza are ALLL equally bitchin


  17. […] – Look Mexico… Posted by soundaslanguage under Contest , Music  The winner of the Look Mexico design your own pizza contest is Paul from Florida. He wins a buttload of free Look Mexico swag! Congrats! New contest starts on […]

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