Posted by: will | July 26, 2007

Those Lavender Whales…

Those Lavender Whales “Let’s Be Friends! I’m Sorry I’m So Sleepy” (Friendly Arctic/Fork And Spoon)


Aaron Graves lived in Nashville a couple of months ago. He lives in my hometown of Columbia, SC now. In a few months, who knows where he will be off to next. Such is the story of Those Lavendar Whales. While he gets a little help from his friends, Graves is the main conspirator here. Let’s Be Friends! I’m Sorry I’m So Sleepy is his latest release and it delivers five songs of quirky but truly endearing indie rock. Those Lavendar Whales are certainly not the easiest to classify though. The somber “Is That Your Inner Landscape?” sounds straight out of the Phil Elvrum (The Microphones/Mt. Eerie) songbook. On other songs, I can hear the distant strains of Neutral Milk Hotel perhaps. Other tracks give off a certain geeky pop vibe that goes hand in hand with Graves’ songwriting. These five songs sway back and forth between dark and whimsical. But, the undeniable charm of Graves and Those Lavendar Whales is never lost.

RIYL: The Microphones, Neutral Milk Hotel, Sebadoh

Listen: Those Lavender Whales – When You Think About Space And Realize How Big It Is And It Gives You That Strange Feeling. (mp3)

Bunch of Lavendar Whales mp3s

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