Posted by: will | July 24, 2007

Through The Sparks…

Through The Sparks “Lazarus Beach” (Skybucket)

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Through The Sparks hail from Birmingham, Alabama and play a familiar brand of indie rock mixed with noticeable alt-country leanings. The band is mostly reminiscent of Wilco’s more instrumentally expansive efforts. The band employs a wealth of ideas and rich instrumentation that create an eclectic sound all across Lazarus Beach. However, a listenable, striking sound does not always mean an original or particularly memorable one at that. Unfortunately, too often Through The Sparks is unable to escape the large shadow of their influences. The band simply fails to capitalize on some fantastic ideas put forth on Lazarus Beach. This is an album of a band still feeling their way around in the dark looking for what works. Now if they ever do find that elusive light switch than we might all get to experience something special. Til then though, Through The Sparks will remain lost in a sea of indistinguishable bands.

RIYL: Wilco, The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev


Through The Sparks – Mexico (Every Last Buffalo) (mp3)

Through The Sparks – Falling Out of Favor with the Neighbors (mp3)


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