Posted by: will | July 24, 2007

Best Of 2007 So Far?

Well, we are past the half way point in 2007 and once that happens I start to think about my year-end best of list. You can always check out my favorite new music in the Best New Music section. But, my question is what are your favorite albums of the year so far? Give me the scoop on some bands/artists I might not have covered just yet!



  1. cloud cult – the meaning of 8

  2. Thanks! I have that album but have not listened very much…I will delve back into it for sure.

  3. I. The XYZ Affair – A Few More Published Studies – unabashed power pop at its finest.

    II. The New Pornographers – Challengers – less bubblegum, more melancholy.

    III. Monomen – Monomen – “Drums of Glass” is the best song we’ve heard in months.

    IV. Justice – Cross – this is what electro-dance should’ve been like all along.

    V. Ra Ra Riot – Ra Ra Riot – clearly this is pretty perfect “croon” pop.

    VI. Bill Callahan – Woke On A Whaleheart – the smog clears up.

    VII. A Band of Bees – Octopus – thoroughly enjoyable throwback melodies.

    VIII. The Twilight Sad – Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters – ambient-emo-Scot-rock.

    IX. The National Lights – The Dead Will Walk, Dear – a love letter to Goth.

    X. Dinosaur Jr. – Beyond – Barlow and Mascis make up.

  4. ok… i actually stole that from insound’s email that came out today. bill callahan is a douche.

  5. I figured you stole it from somewhere you hack!

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