Posted by: will | July 23, 2007

Speaker Speaker…

Speaker Speaker “We Won’t March” (Burning Building)


Seattle band Speaker Speaker seem like a classic indie/power pop group that I could really get behind. The five songs here entail two studio tracks, two live tracks and a cover of “Do You Still Hate Me?” by Jawbreaker. Now, I am not a fan of EPs in the first place but this one felt lacking even for an EP. However, after numerous listens the band converted me and had me convinced. Speaker Speaker make up for their brevity with some tight-knit songwriting and strong musicianship. The band’s two studio tracks, “We Won’t March” and “Loveland, CO”, show a great deal of promise. And while the two live tracks and the cover do take a step down quality-wise, the band is still able to shine through quite well. Speaker Speaker prove they can write powerful, melodic songs that simply stick to your guts. Not surprising Jawbreaker is the band I am reminded of the most here but The Thermals also come to mind quite often as well. Despite my original issues with this EP Speaker Speaker are a band that has impressed and will definitely be staying on my radar. Apparently, the band has already recorded a full-length that was produced by the honorable J. Robbins. Come on boys, bring it on!

RIYL: The Thermals, Mission of Burma, Jawbreaker


Speaker Speaker – We Won’t March (mp3)

Speaker Speaker – Loveland, CO (mp3)



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