Posted by: will | July 21, 2007

Andy The Door Bum…

Andy The Door Bum “The Mt. Holly Sessions” (After Birth Casserole)

(Andy says “If you send me 8 dollars in the mail, I will send The Mt. Holly Sessions to you with a free 100% unique maze that I drew just for you.” You can contact Andy via Myspace here.)

Shit, I have been sitting on this album for far too long. And you are probably wondering who the hell Andy The Door Bum is so I will give you a little background. Andy works the door at Charlotte’s world famous Milestone Club…hence the name Andy The Door Bum. Living in Charlotte for two years and frequenting The Milestone, it is hard to forget Andy’s face. I had never met him before but recognized him immediately when I saw him perform for the first time earlier this year. Andy actually recorded his first album in the small door booth at The Milestone Club. However, for his second album, The Mt. Holly Sessions, Andy moved into a bigger recording space and it shows.

The Mt. Holly Sessions covers such a wide array of sounds. Andy’s music is truly impossible to classify which speaks to why it has taken me so long to write a review. Acoustic, folky, weird punk rock would seem appropriate but perhaps fails to speak to the depth and humor approached in these songs. As rough as the album sounds there is a wealth of instrumentation that graces these songs. Mandolin, flute, clarinet and organ all make appearances next to the more conventional instruments. Much like the many sounds and instruments, lyrically Andy remains just as varied. From rowdy, fun-loving tunes to stone-cold political messages The Mt. Holly Sessions truly covers all the bases in its 17 song delivery.

Andy The Door Bum’s music is a catch 22 if there ever was one. If you scrape away all the dirt and grime from his songs, you can see that Andy is in fact a damn good song-writer with some heart-wrenching melodies and lyrics. Yet, if you take that dirtiness away you strip these songs of their true backbone. While it might not sound perfect or polished, it does sound like the work of a real artist who pours his heart and soul into his art. The rough edges of Andy The Door Bum might be the problem when first listening to The Mt. Holly Sessions. However, in the end, it is what will bring you back for repeated listens.

RIYL: Tom Waits, Mugison, Sebadoh


Andy The Door Bum – The River, The God, The Satan (mp3)

Andy The Door Bum – Knuckles (mp3)


  1. You actually tackled writing a review of this album! I’ve been wanting to but I can’t bring myself to absorb it enough to write a coherent review… though I am a close friend of Andy’s, at least as much in that I’ve handed him $5 bills and hung out with him at the ‘stone. Good job, though I think there’s some definite Ween and Violent Femmes missing in your RIYL.

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  3. an accidental trackback – blogger gold.

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